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All natural, plant & mineral based whitening gel - immediate results in just 40-60 minutes!




Glow Teeth Whitening has been established since 2014, and is committed to delivering exceptional service, while remaining affordable. We use the DaVinci teeth whitening system, the USA-based company that has been trusted by dentists, professionals, and consumers for the effectiveness and quality of our products since 1999.  Unlike other companies, we develop and manufacture our own product using only the finest ingredients, and creating a gel that is all natural, plant and mineral based and made with no preservatives. This non-abrasive formula consists of minerals that will re-build and strengthen the enamel, which unlike other teeth whitening systems, may contain preservatives that will hinder whitening results and can cause soft tissue damage, as well as severe sensitivity. You will have access to play games or watch your favorite movies or shows on Netflix, or listen to your preferred music station during your visit. 



​40 minute session

Removes surface stains

Goes deeper into the pores of the enamel to remove the more penetrated staining



​60 minute session

Removes surface stains

Remove deeper penetrated stains in enamel

Removes residual more "intrinsic" staining



​60 minute session

Your teeth will continue to stain over time due to your diet and personal dental hygiene, take advantage of this special to maintain your white teeth! Follow up appointment must be made within 90 days of your last treatment.



"So I never realized my teeth were that bad, but I definitely noticed that they went from white to not at all when I started working full time and drinking coffee regularly. After seeing a picture side by side with my boyfriend where his teeth looked MUCH whiter than mine I decided it was time to look into whitening. I actually found Connie and Glow on Yelp because I thought her before and afters were insane. I didn't expect results like I saw in the pictures until I saw my own and realized they look even better!! She is such a sweetheart and makes the hour long process completely bearable by letting you watch Netflix or listen to music on an iPad with headphones that extends right in front of your face, and even throws in a paraffin hand treatment while you're under! I thought I was going to be so bored for an hour but not at all. Oh yeah, and a massage chair! I highly recommend. I wouldn't have included my own (pretty embarrassing) pictures if I didn't want to testify to her work so badly. Definitely check her out!!!"
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