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"This was my first time getting my teeth whitened, so I had no idea what to expect. However, I couldn't pass up the grand opening Yelp promotional offer!

First things first, setting up an appointment at Glow Teeth Whitening is very quick and easy! Connie is accommodating with a flexible schedule, and she even sends a detailed reminder text message the day before your appointment!

Glow Teeth Whitening is in suite #205, located upstairs on the second floor of Solera Salon building. There are two whitening stations, so two clients can be taken at a time! The two stations include brand new leather, massaging, reclining chairs for your whitening procedure, as well as brand new iPads and Beats by Dre Headphones for entertainment purposes during the process! (FYI, Connie cleans and sterilizes all of these equipment before/after each client)

As for your teeth whitening process, Connie is very informative from beginning to end! First, she talks to you about how the procedure works, then she asks about your history of teeth whitening. Before she begins the treatment, she will also check the current color of your teeth with a visual teeth model, so that you can see which shade number you are at before whitening! During the teeth whitening procedure, Connie explains every little thing she does and checks up on you frequently. As soon as your whitening treatment is over, she will once again check the color of your teeth with the visual model. She will also thoroughly advise you on aftercare of your teeth in order to maintain that whiter smile! What I loved most from the procedure was that my results were immediate and instant! Though my teeth were already pretty white to begin with, I was able to go even lighter by 4 shades!!!

Overall, my first teeth whitening experience went so well with Connie at Glow Teeth Whitening, that I am completely sold and will definitely come back for future visits whenever I am in town! I've gotten so many compliments on my whiter teeth, and I'm so impressed by Connie's attentiveness, knowledge, and professionalism. Thank you, Glow Teeth Whitening!"



"So I never realized my teeth were that bad, but I definitely noticed that they went from white to not at all when I started working full time and drinking coffee regularly. After seeing a picture side by side with my boyfriend where his teeth looked MUCH whiter than mine I decided it was time to look into whitening. I actually found Connie and Glow on Yelp because I thought her before and afters were insane. I didn't expect results like I saw in the pictures until I saw my own and realized they look even better!! She is such a sweetheart and makes the hour long process completely bearable by letting you watch Netflix or listen to music on an iPad with headphones that extends right in front of your face, and even throws in a paraffin hand treatment while you're under! I thought I was going to be so bored for an hour but not at all. Oh yeah, and a massage chair! I highly recommend. I wouldn't have included my own (pretty embarrassing) pictures if I didn't want to testify to her work so badly. Definitely check her out!!!"



Connie was great to work with! I wanted to purchase a teeth whitening for my boyfriend as a gift and Connie made it a great experience, from packages to scheduling to the whitening itself. He went in for a 60 minute session, which was 3 20 minute sessions and his teeth came out several shades whiter. I'd recommend making a visit to Glow Teeth Whitening if you're in need of the service!



"I was pretty skeptical about getting my teeth whitened because I have heard that the treatment can be painful. I heard about Glow's grand opening special and decided I had to try it out. The treatment was $100 off. 

The salon itself is beautiful. It's a two story building with numerous businesses inside. So, you could get your teeth whitened upstairs and head downstairs for a facial! 

The process is simple. She puts some gel on your teeth and you sit under a light for 20 minutes, and repeat that process two more times. She provided me with a paraffin wax for my hands (felt wonderful!) and has an iPad hooked up to the chair so you could listen to music or watch a TV show. I get pretty antsy when I have to sit still for long periods of time, but I caught myself falling asleep several times because it is so relaxing! The chair is also a massage chair, so pretty much it's an hour worth of pampering. 

After the treatment, I expected a little sensitivity, but nope. My teeth were fine, surprisingly."

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